Jeff was a copywriter, a word he didn’t know the meaning of until he was informed he was one by The Company almost a year into working for them. The Company had decided to whip him up a set of business cards while they were making some for everyone. You can’t have someone working at […]

Trash Pension

In an attempt to get over my teenage phase of being angry at everything in lieu of not having a real personality, I make a conscious effort these days to reserve my bile until I really need it. The problem is I don’t always know what is and isn’t worth getting angry about. A little […]

Future Prospects

Dammit, this ice isn’t icy enough. I bought two of the biggest bags that the mart has, but the moment you shove your hands in them, even after the less demanding conjures from this module, they just evaporate. Cooldown’s gonna take at least 15 minutes, and I can’t exactly type up coursework while your hands […]

Buried (2010)

Buried, 2010, Spain/US, 95 mins. Directed by Rodrigo Cortés. CONTEXT Here’s something I think about when I’m having one of my less cheerful days – why would anything good ever happen? On the basis of events past, present and predictable, why would it? I mean, look at the mounting evidence: Exhibit A. 2016, all of it […]

A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

A Street Cat Named Bob, 2016, UK, 103 mins. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. CONTEXT My Korean friend suggested we see this: British friend + British movie = yes! She also really likes cats, so everybody wins. I knew little going in, other than it sounded like a good comfy tonic to the unhealthy string of […]

Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room, 2002, US, 113 mins. Directed by David Fincher. CONTEXT Here’s how I watch films these days. I check my backlog of recommendations from friends, reviews and long-ignored required university course viewings and pick something from a genre I’m in the mood for. Rather than continue working my way through the list, I start […]