Being Happy Is Just Never Letting Anything Convince You That You Aren’t

Here’s that advice you wanted:
Make sure you never have to buy furniture.
If you ever find yourself in a position where you must buy an item of furniture
for any reason
it means something is wrong

It means one of two things

it means you got comfortable – too comfortable –
You rent unfurnished
or worse, own
which can always go horribly wrong
at any time
for a wide variety of unsatisfactory reasons

it means the furniture you already owned was crap
It broke or otherwise wasn’t fit for purpose
buying furniture is an indicator of poor judgement
and a mark of bad character

Look at me:
I’ve lived in pre-furnished places for years now
and never stayed long enough in any one of them to have anything fail on me
Because I never bought any of it in the first place it wouldn’t be my fault even if something did
I owe no-one anything – except rent –
and I live as close to being a king as anyone in my position to could hope to

And I’m happy, goddammit


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