Jeff was a copywriter, a word he didn’t know the meaning of until he was informed he was one by The Company almost a year into working for them. The Company had decided to whip him up a set of business cards while they were making some for everyone. You can’t have someone working at […]

Future Prospects

Dammit, this ice isn’t icy enough. I bought two of the biggest bags that the mart has, but the moment you shove your hands in them, even after the less demanding conjures from this module, they just evaporate. Cooldown’s gonna take at least 15 minutes, and I can’t exactly type up coursework while your hands […]

Dies Penniless

lots of phobias out there emetophobia (fear of vomiting) hylophobia (the trees are trying to kill you) ombrophobia (rain. Some people are scared of rain. Can you believe it) here’s mine change not that kind coins the germs, the grime it just doesn’t bear paper money don’t get me started caked in cack with literal […]

The Hack Cries

P: ‘Phobb!’ A: ‘Sorry?’ B: ‘Don’t worry, this happens from time to time.’ P: ‘Grig. Grigged. They grigged him.’ A: ‘What’s he saying?’ B: ‘Well, nothing, really. He just likes how some things sound.’ P: Flem. Fullem. A: ‘Sounds serious.’ B: ‘Nah, he gives up after a few minutes. It’s still better than the other […]

Irving; For Whom I Am Sorry

Son, are your kicks made of felt or some such disrespect? Time was I could have you ejected from my property for such an insult but times change, and not always for the better Let it be known well and by all, though that I think you’re a plum fool and woe beget the assclown […]


Squatting hunched in the middle of the room. He looks after my post. Re-rolling cigarettes found on the floor. He knows where I live.

Failed Diamante

fountain shaped a ship sunk long time back taking not a single person built in the memory to no-one’s benefit meeting place useful