Trash Pension

In an attempt to get over my teenage phase of being angry at everything in lieu of not having a real personality, I make a conscious effort these days to reserve my bile until I really need it. The problem is I don’t always know what is and isn’t worth getting angry about. A little […]

The Floor Is Ice

Most people reading this will know a variation on that game called something like ‘the floor is lava’. You know, you have to escape the living room only touching furniture. It’s fun, encourages resourcefulness and ingenuity, and has a healthy amount of self-imposed challenge to it that is good for young minds. When you’re a […]

Part-Time Business Card Advertising Biker Ninjas

I was thinking about doing some travel writing while I was here in South Korea. However, I find the majority of writing from people in my position bounce uncomfortably between trying to provide advice for other ESL teachers to simply being a tourist’s diary – complete with documentation of everything they have eaten. Here, there […]

The Colour of Money

Usually, the first thing I get asked when I tell people I’m going to South Korea is ‘what do they use for money out there?’ (Still unsure on the ‘right’ answer to this – the barter system, obviously.) The actual answer of won, minted in denominations of coins and banknotes like most of the rest […]