Se7en (1995)

Se7en, 1995, US, 127 mins. Directed by David Fincher. CONTEXT I like to precede my reviews with a little grounding of where my head was at when I went into it. Opinions can’t entirely be divorced from the circumstances in which they were made, just like how no art exists in a vacuum – just […]

Dies Penniless

lots of phobias out there emetophobia (fear of vomiting) hylophobia (the trees are trying to kill you) ombrophobia (rain. Some people are scared of rain. Can you believe it) here’s mine change not that kind coins the germs, the grime it just doesn’t bear paper money don’t get me started caked in cack with literal […]

The Floor Is Ice

Most people reading this will know a variation on that game called something like ‘the floor is lava’. You know, you have to escape the living room only touching furniture. It’s fun, encourages resourcefulness and ingenuity, and has a healthy amount of self-imposed challenge to it that is good for young minds. When you’re a […]

The Hack Cries

P: ‘Phobb!’ A: ‘Sorry?’ B: ‘Don’t worry, this happens from time to time.’ P: ‘Grig. Grigged. They grigged him.’ A: ‘What’s he saying?’ B: ‘Well, nothing, really. He just likes how some things sound.’ P: Flem. Fullem. A: ‘Sounds serious.’ B: ‘Nah, he gives up after a few minutes. It’s still better than the other […]

Irving; For Whom I Am Sorry

Son, are your kicks made of felt or some such disrespect? Time was I could have you ejected from my property for such an insult but times change, and not always for the better Let it be known well and by all, though that I think you’re a plum fool and woe beget the assclown […]


Squatting hunched in the middle of the room. He looks after my post. Re-rolling cigarettes found on the floor. He knows where I live.

Small Infinities of Eye Contact

Dayruiner – impromptu eye contact with strangers. In an attosecond, a relationship is forged. This is now someone you have technically met, no backsies. An impression is irreversibly made on both sides, and conclusions drawn just as immediately – ‘he seems nervous’, ‘why does she look so angry’, ‘what’s wrong with their face’, etc. This […]